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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Power of Prayer

Yesterday I decided to pick up the Ensign Magazine and chose a talk to read from this last conference. I read "The Privilege of Prayer" by Elder J. Devn Cornish. What really stood out in that talk to me was that Heavenly Father loves us so much that the little things that are important to us become important to him. He is just waiting to help us and since he doesn't want to infringe on our agency he is waiting for us to ask him. I know that he won't always answer our prayers in the way that we want him to, but he does answer them in his time and his own way. Today I was fortunate enough to have an answered prayer.........

Today I drove to my neighbors which is 3 houses down to pick up a child for preschool. Since it was only 3 houses down I rationalized that it was ok that I didn't buckle Kyler in until I pick up this child. Well in the 2 min. it took me to run to the front door and back Kyler, being the only child in the car, managed to push the lock button. There he was sitting in the front seat of my car with the keys in the ignition and heat running on high. I'm an idiot and don't have a spare key to my car. Thoughts flooded my mind: How long is going to be before he starts crying? With the heat on high it's going to get really hot in there really fast? What if he puts the vehicle into drive? How long will it take a locksmith to get to my house? With my mind racing and fear setting in I decided to turn to my Heavenly Father in prayer asking for help. I humbly prayed that he would some how guide little Kyler's finger to push the unlock button so I could get him out............within in a minute Kyler pushed the unlock button! My neighbor, Lacie, and I stood there in complete shock at what we had just witnessed. A 15 month old unlocked the car!

I've definitely learned some lessons today:
1. Don't leave a child in the car alone even for minute.
2. I'm buying a spare key TODAY.
3. The Lord is there to help us.

Some may think this was just a crazy coincidence but I know that God heard my prayer and answered it. I hope you all remember that God loves us and is always there for us, even when he lets bad things happen to us it's only for our own spiritual growth. As Thanksgiving approaches I can't help but feel grateful for my Heavenly Father and the power of prayer.


  1. I'm really stupid sometimes and don't think. I'm lucky nothing worse happened, lesson learned!

  2. That was so crazy! So did you ever get you a spare?