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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My food storage "ah ha" moment

I'm sure many of you are like me and struggle with your food storage. The idea of being unable to feed my children because of something like a natural disaster is frightening. Until a few months ago my food storage consisted of: 10 ketchup bottles, 20 cans of chicken broth, oatmeal, a few cereal boxes, and noodles. What am I supposed to make with that in case of a disaster?

My good friend, Elise, introduced me to shelf reliance (aka Thrive). Thrive is a collection of food that is freeze dried and comes in #10 cans that last 25 years. The genius part is that there are recipes to follow so that you can actually make meals out of these cans of food. Because they are freeze dried vs. dehydrated they taste really good:)

This is what my family is going to be eating in case of emergency. All I will need is my #10 cans, water, and a propane oven & stove:

6 grain pancakes
blueberry muffins
apple puff pancakes
yogurt with granola
scrammbled eggs

beef stroganoff
creamy and cheesy potato soup
sweet and sour meatballs
beef enchilada bake
shepherds pie
chicken vegetable casserole

peach cobbler cakes
apple crisp
choc chip cookies

You may think why would you care about desserts during a time of disaster? Think how much those comfort foods could lift you and your children's spirits during a difficult time.

So I found a few recipes that I thought my family would eat, I wrote down all the cans that I would need for the ingredients, and each month I order $50 worth of cans.

This is on my Christmas wishlist....a Camp Chef propane oven and stove.

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