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I have a deep love and appreciation for my ancestors. Without them I wouldn't be.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kade's room

Since I gave Austin's room a little makeover Kaden wanted one for his room too. We decided to decorate his room in the colors teal and black with a soccer theme. Since I love designing on a dime I decided to make most of the decorations. This is yet another nightstand that I found at DI. It was just $8.
I added a touch of paint for around $4.

I found these frames at Walmart for $6. I spent $3 for scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby (3 pieces of teal paper, 1 soccer paper cut up). The big soccer ball in the middle was free, I printed it off an image online.

I went to the fabric store and made this pillow and bedspread. It cost about $40.

A view of his room. The lamp in the corner is from Target.


  1. Sarah - I wish we lived closer so you could teach me how to do this stuff. -Jen Smith :)